July 13, 2005 - Present Sign guestbook Reload

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Cl�ment  06/08/08   11:37:52 Date
Message Bonjour Christoph.. ,

Ce petit mot depuis la tourn�e que je fais pr�sentement en Europe pour te souhaiter un heureux anniversaire : je t'envoie du soleil, et quelques-uns des sourires que j'ai puis�s aujourd'hui dans les regards des gens qui m'entourent.
Je boirai un jus de mangue � ta sant� aujourd'hui,
Prends soin de toi,
A bient�t,


Cordial Hermann  06/06/08   16:24:59 Date
Message Dear Christopher,

Best Wishes from the hot and wet Thailand.

Hoping that you are well. All the best for your Birthday, forever young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cordial Hermann
From the border to Laos

Jesse Lemons  06/05/08   16:07:55 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Thank you for spending the time to answer my questions and explaining everything to me. I'm excited that I signed up. I will be bringing my daughter by in a couple of weeks. I think it would be good for her.

The training dvd I bought from you last week will be a big help. I have watched part of it and so far so good. You did a great job with explaining everything as well as showing how to cary out the different moves. Now I can go over what we learn in class at home. I'm glad I got it. I look forward to tonights class. Thanks again for everything.

Jesse Lemons

Christina  06/05/08   09:11:44 Date
Message Wow! Nice site, you are amazing. My boyfriend Scott DeMora knows you, he was in the Marines at the same time as you. Interestingly enough I have been working on a self defense course to teach to yacht crew. My soon to be ex-husband studied martial arts for eight years, and we have a work in progress. Maybe we could collaborate somehow. You are always welcome to come to Florida anytime. I am working with producers and casting agents.

Siempre Amor,
Dania Beach, Florida

Pete  06/04/08   06:05:42 Date
Message Great poetry and photography.

Fresno, California

Richard Epcar  06/04/08   05:17:56 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful, healthy, prosperous, joyous and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May all your dreams come true!

Richard Epcar
L.A., California

Betty  06/01/08   00:06:14 Date
Message Christopher,

I really do appreciate what you teach in what you have written in your, "Inner Peace through Self-Awareness"! You have a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts, and therefore what I read came very clear to me. Thankyou Christopher. I know that you have an amazing heart! You are very inspiring.

It's important for some of us to sometimes take a lull in our life, like a rest, so that we can tackle the next onslaught of "challenges" that we are to face in our lives.

Love Love Love...One Love!!
Victoria, Australia

Laurie  05/19/08   22:02:05 Date
Message Hi Christopher!

just wanted to let you know that I had voted for you.

Take care always.

Laurie Smile

Ruben Santos  05/02/08   18:27:07 Date
Message Thanks for sharing you poetry. I read a lot of poetry and what I see in your poetry deserves some recognition, at least by poetry readers who respect honesty, clarity, and brilliance in the poems they read. Your poetry was so pleasurable to read that I told my friend Mary about your poems.

Ruben Santos
Chicago, Illinois

Soke Terry D. Warner  04/21/08   10:37:20 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Congratulations, I read an article written about you receiving your 10th Dan, it brought back many memories. You see my first Sensei was a black curly headed man on Okinawa by the name of Ezio Shimabuku in Moromi BC Okinawa. I was promoted to Shodan in 1956 and I just celebrated my 51st year as a Blackbelt.

Soke Terry D. Warner,
Minneapolis, MN

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