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Rose  10/08/08   13:06:50 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I received your campaign postcard in the mail the other day for the Learning Community Council. Looks like things are moving right along for you. With the crisis of the economy and all the hustle and bustle, commute to work, taken children different functions there is not much time left for family time; it is a convenience for the majority of people to do things by mail/email, internet etc.

Speaking for myself, maybe a few others Smile I see fewer people reading the paper, mostly the stocks and sports, if that. Multitasking by watching/listing TV news while getting ready for work or at dinner time seem to be the way of life. So, direct mail is the ideal sure response way to go for you.

I like a straight forward honest person, who doesn�t, say what you mean and mean what you say, don�t promise something you can�t deliver. Dislike very much using �old dirt� and faults of running mates against each other instead just do your own job as best you can, that should be all that counts. At times it turns into much of a circus.

We have elected people for what they stand, promised to change for the better and new goals to work for and the minute they�re in office, lots slipped trough the cracks and just opposite what the people wanted and voted for was done.

Being a democrat, I am for someone who is for the people that really needing the help for getting jobs, health care, on the job childcare; take care of our own before we help others. How can we be an example/ roll model for other countries if our own people are in the streets, without jobs hungry and killing each other?!

Be well,

Jennifer  10/07/08   16:11:39 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

I read your statement regarding your run for the Learning Community Council:

"I hope to provide careful, thoughtful guidance to resolve educational issues in the Omaha metropolitan area as a member of the new Learning Community Council. While I will work to increase educational opportunities and address achievement gap issues, I also believe there is no substitute for good old, fashioned parenting. As a teacher for 14 years, I understand the need for parents to be personally involved with their children. Without a strong foundation at home, no kid, whether residing in the inner city or in a comfortable suburb, has any chance of succeeding. My goal is to carefully balance opportunity and reality with an already overburdened tax system."

~ Christopher N. Geary

I would absolutely support your platform. I can make that statement with legitimacy as the school system is something that I deal with on a daily basis on many levels.

I have a 7 year old who struggles in first grade, and 11 year old who excels in 6th grade. I find that they both begin to slip through the cracks on opposite ends of the spectrum, therefore I am very active in their schooling in the parental role. I have much respect for [most] teachers but the main issue that I do encounter in both cases is an inflexibility and unwillingness to deal with children on an individual (personality) basis. Although I understand that it is impossible to accommodate for every shift in personality and needs of each child, I find that often the mentality of the teacher is so rigid it leaves no lee-way for those that struggle or excel.

I look, albeit from the outside, at teaching in this manner: The child is the client, the parent the business and the teacher the employee. It is essential that all 3 parties work together to gain the greatest profit.

I know that there is a severe lack of parental-involvement in education. I realize that the hours I spend nightly with my children are not the norm, nor are they even possible in many families situations. In a way, I miss the "it takes a village to raise a child" mentality of small town America. The world has moved on in an unfortunate way where a neighbor often can not be trusted to help in raising a child. I have made an effort to make sure that my children have other trusted adults available to them to help in any way.

As a full-time college student myself, I also see the affects that the public school system has on those whom have recently graduated. I am always curious as to what is behind some students' drive and others' complete lack-thereof. The factors are so intertwined from parental influence to prior education and life experience that it is interesting to hear the different back stories and determine what, if anything, was the biggest influence to their present situations.

The first lesson that we teach at home is respect, the second is personal responsibility and the third is consequence and the fourth is tolerance. It is never too early to begin to instill these values in children. I feel that these four attributes can be the cornerstone to success in today's world regardless of the obstacles one may face.


Nicole  10/04/08   17:33:17 Date
Message Christopher-

I know I don't know you at all, but I really need some objective advice...

I was in Taekwondo all through high school. My senior year I received my black belt. After that I quit, which is not something I'm proud of. Since then, I've gained a little over 100 pounds, and my life feels very chaotic and out of control. My instructors at my previous school were amazing people and in turn I had the motivation to work hard and be successful under their teachings. After I quit, I felt like I disappointed them and I really have a hard time imagining facing them again.

I would really love to get into martial arts again though because I was so passionate about it in high school and it really calmed and centered me, which filtered into all aspects of my life. I've been interested in your school for quite some time, but I am honestly scared. And fear has pretty much taken over the majority of my life. I need to get into shape mentally and physically, not only for health purposes, but so I can just enjoy my life.
So I guess what I am trying to say, not so eloquently, is HELP.

Thank you for your time, and if I don't get a reply, I understand. You must be very busy, and may not have time. But thank you again for at least reading this.


Todd  09/28/08   23:47:58 Date
Message Prof. Geary,

My son and I have enjoyed our first few months of classes with you and feel that we have learned a lot. You have an informative and well written website. I wish you well in your endeavours.


Penney  09/19/08   21:21:42 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I had to write to you & say I'm am very impressed with your resume, the things you have done, the people you have meet & awards you have received are just beyond impressive. The only thing I know of karate or martial arts period is the Karate Kid Steven Segal & Jena Claude Van Dame Movies. I have an ex that is a 5th degree black belt I think in Kempo. He is a bad egg & the reason I moved to Neb with Mom & step dad.

I wanted to let you know I'm impressed with your accomplishments congrats on everything.

Peace Penney

Lisa  09/16/08   08:02:54 Date
Message You are living a wonderfully full life and seem to make the most of everyday. Your poetry is wonderful and I hope you will continue to write.

Massena, New York

Jennifer  09/14/08   09:46:10 Date
Message Christopher,

Your poems are moving, the imagery is vivid and it's wonderful to meet another writer. I do hope we'll have a chance to communicate further.


Jane Stroud  09/13/08   19:14:18 Date
Message Evergreen

She didn�t know where she would be in years to come,
And nowhere in the conversation did she mention his name
He paints for her into the night from her selfishness,
With his memories of his black hair and now gray
A world of faults to be his from her deceptions,
Taking with it his pride, standing there with his programmed smile
I turned away and looked into the blue twilight,
Chagall painting the black and white into color from the 50�s
I hide away by the fire in the attic, melting into the walls,
To finish the business that will never be complete

As I breathe in the cold fresh pine air to warm my heart,
Relieving me from years of draining dreams and messes to come
And let us not forget about the emptiness,
The lack of not having for I would have became a slave to it
The game that cannot be won from her smile and slatternliness,
Look up at me and into my eyes with burning flesh
With a mouth and tongue of swirling pearl,
Without the laughter and with solitude of silence, I find peace
Freedom that would have never been and the love of life that comes from it,
Weep to another for what would ever be sensible in the impossible�

If this is your work, it is excellent Smile

I am a published poet, contributions to Poetry Anthologies. The first book was called Amidst The Splendor.

Jane Stroud

Camiil  09/10/08   03:31:14 Date

Valdosta, GA.

Mary  08/06/08   00:48:56 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

What a full and impressive life you've lead! I checked out your autobiography it is an interesting read.

Got to get up at o'dark thirty so I better hit the hay.


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