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Janet  12/19/08   07:02:51 Date
Message Christopher,

I just got done reading a bunch of things about you. You're a very accomplished person, I am sure you are very proud of yourself - and SHOULD be! I admire those who are able to walk the path of their dreams. I love TKD... it was something I dreamed to be *my* life�unfortunately the school I attended soiled my spirit so much after 3 yrs of training there I never went back to it... recently, after 9 long years away from TKD I found another school to attend, but it was just not what I was looking for either - the instructor was nice enough but the school just wasn't "it" for me.

I have to say I am very saddened how things turned out for me in this path, I wanted so much more from it and ended up with nothing, and now I feel it's to late to start again. It haunts me, every night I have dreams about training, GOOD dreams about it, because I know how much I miss it. But enough of me! Just wanted to say, keep doing what your doing!

New York (10 minutes from Niagara Falls)

P.S. I read ALL your poems and there are quite a few very good ones!

These two stick out for me...

As I walk through the garden
The birds singing and humming
Flowers white, blue and orange
The grass below my feet
I look to the sky
Where the clouds slowly meet
To see the sun above the mountain�s peak
Blue sky to see
It never ends
From the land and beyond the sea
Life all around
But some
Don�t make a sound

The rocky beach
Ocean tides cover them
Many times a day
Rocks who knows how long
To put a pen in the hand
And dip the ink
The stories that could be told
Be told forever
The rocky beach
So many things happened
Thought the time
Time went on forever
Before man and God
From the millions of times
The rocky beach washes away

Brandi  12/18/08   10:53:48 Date
Message Christopher,

I have read your bio and you've done a wonderful job. I think some of the things you've done to help others, the children in particular is impressive. It's hard to comprehend how you've done so much in so little time. Do you ever get to sleep?! You truly have some amazing accomplishments.

I will order that poetry book that you are in during the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing it.

Enjoy the holidays, and wishing you all the best.

Atlanta, Georgia

Kurtis Parisi  12/09/08   22:26:56 Date
Message Hello Professor Geary,

My name is Kurtis Parisi. I currently hold the rank of 3rd degree brown belt in Villari's Shaolin Kempo Karate. I am also a professional Muay Thai fighter with a record of 4-2 and hold the I.C.E. Light heavyweight Muay Thai Title. I found your website on the internet and was very impressed with your achievements.

I have been very discouraged with the politics in the martial arts and have been training independent in various gyms with no affiliation for many years now. I would like to advance my rank to black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and to higher rank after that.

Do you accept video testing for black belt? If yes, what would be the fee? I have my current certificate and dvd ready to mail. Also, my friend has an old certificate from when he trained in the Villari organization (brown belt), what would be the fee to re-certify the certificate through you? After that he will also send you a black belt test dvd, plus fee. Villari's said they would charge $30 but I told him to do it through you.

Kurtis Parisi

Gary Zavitz  12/03/08   08:59:15 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Just so you know, we really appreciate everything you have done for our son. He has matured so much with you. And we see the difference at home and out in public. He has become such a confidant young man.

Gary Zavitz

Alexis  11/13/08   22:17:10 Date
Message Hello Professor,

I'm very pleased with your teaching. I like the way you instill order in the school and take a genuine interest in the engagement and learning of the kids. Keep up the good work!

Annette H.  11/11/08   17:00:15 Date
Message Christopher,

I think your best poems are the first three in Book VIII, rather than the ones featured on your MySpace page. Besides that, I like the way you are pursuing your various interests concomitantly. Not many people can widen the lens of their focus like that without there being a loss of intensity in one project or another.

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Jane Davis  10/30/08   01:00:24 Date
Message Dear Professor---

Nice website.
Not nearly enough pictres of Mark S Marrufo.

Stephanie  10/29/08   16:32:06 Date
Message Christopher,

Your poem, �II� was a nice reflection of the Human Condition, The desire to do better in a world that desires both the best and the worst in us. Wanting to be kind, and do right, in a harsh world. I like the way you used the eyes looking out, and the introspective perception to create a world of fancy based of off simple truths of the human condition.

Well Done,
Bellevue, Nebraska

Rose  10/27/08   11:18:26 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I read your poem, �II� a few times, and find it very moving and deep; melting feelings and daily sadness together in a unique way...very well done and I love it.


Deborah  10/26/08   11:36:48 Date
Message Christopher,

You sound like someone with a good head on your shoulders. You will get my vote. I especially agree with you on your views about parenting and the role it plays in a child�s life. Good luck on your run for the Learning Community Council.

Kind regards,

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