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Anthony Graham  10/04/05   09:21:23 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Just wanted to express how pleased I am with the quality of instruction that I am receiving in your class. Saturday was my first day of class and to be honest I was really nervous. After the class I went straight home and raved to my wife about how much I enjoyed the class. Before taking your class I had been looking for somewhere to start training (studying martial arts has been a dream of mine since I was a young child). After talking to you and watching a class, I was impressed by your commitment and enjoyed your style of teaching. Even though there were other schools that were cheaper and guaranteed “Black Belt” within a specific time, their commitment didn’t measure up to yours. After my meeting with you my decision was made to study under you. I look forward to class and can’t wait till the next class starts.

Charles C. Goodin  09/29/05   15:05:26 Date
Message Dear Professor Geary,

It was a pleasure speaking to you this morning. I am glad that you had the opportunity to visit our Hawaii Karate Roots exhibit at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.

Kenpo has a rich history here in Hawaii, starting with James Mitose and continuing to the present. I am glad that Hawaii's important place in Kenpo history is being recognized and that the art is being perpetuated.

I visited your school website and must compliment you on its design.

As I mentioned to you, I originally studied Kenpo Karate under Florentino S. Pancipanci, and later under Edward Wallace of the CHA-3 organization. This was over 30 years ago. Although I now teach Shorin-Ryu, I have great respect for the art of Kenpo Karate, and its pioneers here in Hawaii.

I hope that if we have other exhibits, that you will be able to attend them as well.


Charles C. Goodin
Hawaii Karate Museum

Bernd Kühnapfel  09/25/05   08:55:05 Date
Message Hallo Mr. Geary
Greetings from the Nihon Kai Martial Arts School in Germany.

Grandmaster Bernd Kühnapfel

Carly & Tony Costanzo  09/24/05   10:54:48 Date
Message Professor,

About two years ago my husband and I were against our son being in Karate because we were worried about him using it on other people out of anger. My mother enrolled my neice and brother into Kempo Karate and we sat in a lesson one morning and we were impressed by what we seen. Needless to say our son was enrolled that week and since he has grown greatly. He can now control his emotions and has self confidence. We thank you Professor for everything you have given to our child in helping him grow. We are very happy with you and your school.

Beth Colaric  09/15/05   11:32:30 Date
Message Professor, is informative and well presented. My experience at the Maple Street location with Shihan Steiner has been a positive one. Congratulations on becoming Professor.

Beth Colaric

Jay & Jennifer Christiansen  09/12/05   07:44:19 Date
Message Professor,

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the lessons you have provided to our son. The direction and instruction are second to none and will provide our son with the skills needed to cope with the world we live in. He has become a more confident and disciplined child. We look forward to his continued instruction and wish you the best in your recent promotion.

Nate Burkman  09/11/05   22:20:31 Date
Message Professor,

With the fruition of a site like this I am reminded of all the great accomplishments you have made in the years that I have been a student in your organization. Thank you very much for providing me with a place to learn a valuable martial arts style and for your dedication to all of your students.

Steve Sexton  09/08/05   19:41:31 Date
Message Professor Geary,

After checking out many martial arts schools I decided to "relocate" to CNG's Shaolin Kempo. I feel the quality of instruction is high and the integrity of the instructors unparalleled.

Thanks for the service you provide and the great websites!

Steve Very happy

Sheri Kita  08/31/05   05:23:00 Date
Message My son is 5 1/2 years old, he has been attending classes here for almost 2 years now. I am proud to tell anyone where my son goes for karate.
The dedication and commitment Professor Geary has toward his schools and students is very clear.

With all these different karate schools opening up I can see where people could go wrong. It's always how much? What does this school offer that others don't? I can truly say this school does offer a lot! It allows for a good solid future for our children. With the commitment from us as parents.
I look forward to see what the future brings.

Karen L. Haake  08/29/05   19:06:47 Date
Message I have enjoyed bringing my two children in to learn. Over the last two years I feel both have grown in several areas. Both our lucky that a Master is teaching them.

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