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Lisa  09/04/07   21:33:31 Date
Message Immigration:

My daughter is a single mother of three young children. She recently lost her job and went through Staff Mid America hoping to get a position at O'Brien's meat plant in Bellevue. A friend working there said they are hiring people who walk in and don't speak any English. She kept asking when a position would become available. Finally after 2 months of calling, she was told to go to orientation in Omaha. The employment agency never offered her any other positions. During orientation they called to check her job title. The receptionist put the phone on speaker and talked to the manager and a supervisor who both said there were no openings, even though Staff Mid America was on the phone to O'Brien's the day before. The friend said they hired another walk in who didn't speak English. I called to ask why they sent her to orientation and they said there was a miscommunication and that there were positions available. They said they would investigate and call her back. She has not heard anything else. Earlier I had called and asked how they hire and they said only through Staff mid America. She tried to go to the plant to talk to someone, but the gate is always locked.

Her friend said there are only Mexicans and blacks working there that he knows of. Her friend is black. I'm beginning to think they are hiring illegals and their friends. They should be investigated. My daughter finally got a job working 25 hours a day at $7.00 an hour. That is all she could find anywhere near this area. If you aren't military, there is very little work in Sarpy county that isn't part-time, nights and weekends. Thank you for letting me vent.


Jenni  09/03/07   21:55:27 Date
Message Hi. I'm Jenni. First, I would like to thank you for your service to our great country in the Marine Corps. You have my utmost respect. I'm not a Sarpy County resident but I do wish you well in your quest to represent District 3. I do have a request. If you have the opportunity to become involved with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, The Department of Developmental Disabilities - please do. Nebraska has a terrible program. My step-daughter is a 26 year old lady with a severe hearing impairment and she is mildly mentally retarded. She is on a waiting list that is four years long to receive residential services and services contracted through the Ollie Webb Center. She didn't attend school in Nebraska and has to go to the end of the waiting line because of it. If the opportunity arises, please get involved.

Best Wishes,

Niki  09/03/07   17:18:34 Date
Message I enjoyed looking at your School's website, If you do not mind me asking what are the main differences in your style of Shaolin Kempo and Say American Kenpo or Tracey's Kenpo? I study American and Tracey's (when I have time and am not teaching at me school Smile as well as Shotokan, Taekwondo, and Judo (yea I know but what can I say I love Martial Arts). from the photo's I have seen you have a beautiful school! Well Done Winking

Martial Arts AND poetry!! Nice combination not to many Butt kicking poets out there Winking I use to write (Many years ago) I haven't done so in so long though, Hm, maybe I'll give it another go sometime!! I enjoyed reading your work!! I should stop reading and get to planning out my Drills for the coming weeks classes though Smile I will have to bookmark the link so I can finish reading them... Have a good night.


Joseph  09/02/07   21:35:08 Date
Message Anyone who considers fitness a personal priority and has desire to serve the public has got to be a well grounded person in my opinion. If you have spare time and have preference on where you like to go to chat...i'd be interested in discussing politics and what your plans are when running for the Unicam. I was a student of Ron Withem's wife Diane and am a registered rebublican but I don't vote on party lines frequently.

Let's meet up and discuss what your ideas are. I may be able to help in some's always good to be close to political representatives for future networking purposes. I'd be interested in getting political when I reach age 35, but for now i'm just looking to build a career in Management after having served in the Air Force for nearly 6 years as a medic.

Looking forward to meeting,

Joseph K.

Rayvn  08/30/07   23:00:05 Date
Message Your words portray Suzanne's life and determination... with eloquence.
You are definitely a poet my friend.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Samantha  08/30/07   11:54:50 Date
Message I think your poetry is very strong and i love reading it, thankyou so much.

best wishes
Sam xxx

Sylvia  08/28/07   12:16:07 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I think your new poem 'Black' is beautiful. I think that it's about two people afar who in their mind they are wondering what it would feel like to caress one another. Feeling and smelling the scent, then in all reality it can't be and he wonders how a women can subdue his thoughts so deeply.

Rocky and Kimberly Ognissanti  08/27/07   21:00:20 Date
Message It has been a pleasure attending your Karate classes. Since we have joined your school we feel like we have gained a lot of knowledge, confidence and self decipline. We really enjoy your teaching and look forward to attend every class that we can.

Barbara  08/26/07   23:23:09 Date
Message Christopher,

I was just reading your new poem, ĎSuzanneí. Iím not into poems but I really like it. To me it seems that she was betrayed, and to keep her mind off thinking, she kept herself busy. I think that being betrayed made her strong. Now she will have to learn how to forgive and forget. Thatís the way I see it.

Hartford, Connecticut

Paula  08/23/07   02:34:35 Date
Message Christopher,

I read your poem 'Suzanne'. Itís really interesting how u describe her emotions. The way she reminisces about her past.

Itís a great poem. Itís real nice youíre into poetry, I don't know much about poetry. I'm also sorry I didn't see your other poems until now.

Thank You..

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