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Glen  04/06/10   20:42:16 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

I just received my ballot in the mail today and was researching the candidates. My question is, how do you feel about the Nebraska legislature giving/selling our state fair grounds to the University of Nebraska without giving the people of the state of Nebraska a chance to vote on the issue? While I personally will never set foot on the state fair in Grand Island, others will...No big deal, but the problem I have is they never gave the citizens a chance to vote on an issue that will potentially cost us over 1.9 Billion dollars for the whole package.

Glen S.

Jen D.  03/03/10   09:52:13 Date
Message Okay... okay... so I looked though your MySpace profile today, didn't bother before since I figured you were using it as an election thing (no offense meant if not) but... WOW. I don't think they let artsy, smart, Zen type people in the governor's mansion do they? Well, at least not in Nebraska… hmmm.

Well, I couldn’t help after the beautiful art you have chosen to stop and say Hello. I’ll vote for you… cute, artistic and an ex-marine… what’s there not to like. No one knows how to run the fricking government anyway... Certainly not career politicians. Good luck. Warmest Regards, Jen.

Cindy  01/31/10   09:04:24 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

What I like about you running for governor of Nebraska, is that you are a regular person. I have a question- Do you ever read the series on "Fatal Flaws" wriiten by Karen Spencer of the Omaha World Herald? It came out I believe in the spring of 2008. The artical had to do with NE coronor system and how death investigations are conducted. Our daughter was found dead in her home by her ex after he threatened her. They labeled he death as "unknown" and never investigated. In fact I have actual proof of documented lies by the Omaha Police Department. One of the city councilmen had actually called me and told me to get a lawyer, because what was going on with the investigation of her death. I am at a loss as to what I can do to persue no so much justice for her, but to have her life "counted" as a human being and not treated as if she did matter. She mattered to alot of people.

Grieving and not knowing is hard enough, but greiving and being treated as gum on the bottom of someone's shoe is another thing. We have no closure and in this lifetime, we may never have closure. But I assure you there are other families in NE going through the same nightmare, one recently took matters into their own hands and two of that family's members are now in jail. This shouldn't be allowed to happen to one more family. Are there any thoughts that you have in this area? Any advice on what I can do to seek closure? I am a friend of yours on "MySpace and Facebook". Perhaps when you have a moment, you should read my blog on "Omaha Beware, You Only Look Good On Paper" I used to blog like crazy about adopting kiddos, then after Naye's death I blogged some about that and her case. Of course, I didn't place all the details out there but enough to show the injustice done to Shanaye and our family.

Please let me know your thoughts. I am trying to heal, loosing my daughter who was also my best friend. In my healing process I know that as her mom I need to do everything I can to seek justice for her, her daughter, her siblings, family, friends and people touched by her.

Thank you so much for your time,

Cindy C.

Jeremy L.  01/14/10   04:54:16 Date
Message Hi Mr. Geary,

I've been looking at your site at It's really good. I thank you for your service to our country in the Marines. I have a great amount of respect for those who put their lives on the line to protect us here in our country. I'm grateful for our military.

I may think about running for a public office one day, maybe senator. I used to work at the Capitol and I was around senators alot. If I actually were to win a seat in state legislature, I'll probably dress in jeans and T shirt because I hate wearing suits. I'll probably be like Ernie Chambers in that way, but I'd be all the way on the opposite side from him politically though LOL

My views are conservative, in the sense where I believe in helping the private sector grow and strengthen (thus, strengthening our economy and job market). I believe in smaller government, and lower taxes (I think that would help our economy too). I'm TOTALLY against the government takeover of the auto industry, which has happened, and I'm against government taking over the health care industry. I think the government would DESTROY our health care system, like they ruined social security, medicare, and everything else it's tried to run. I'm really glad that the President, liberals in Congress, and Senate didn't get the government takeover they were hoping for. I'm also conservative on just about every other issue, as I'm pro-life, pro-2nd and 1st amendment.

Anyway, if you send some campaign cards and bumper stickers here I'll be happy to hand them out.

Jeremy L.
Lincoln Nebraska

Kelsie B.  01/11/10   07:14:28 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I checked out your campaign site for governor and read a little about you. I just turned 18 so im actually able to vote now and am a little excited! I technically describe myself as being more on the liberal/independent side but I agree with alot of things on your platform.

I do have one question for you though that hasnt been answered on your page (because its really sort of 'minor') but I recently heard that our governor now is trying to pass a bill over the cat spay/neuter trap program. The program allows shelters/business/people to trap feral cats and take them to a vet to get fixed for free and then let back free to where they were trapped. The money to get them fixed for free is government funded but I guess the governor finds the money going to that useless.

Im not sure if you have been around my part of town but there are ALOT of unfortunate unfixed cats who are being forced to live outside. They in turn reproduce. Unfixed cats produce up to 3 litters a year, and avg 8 kittens per litter. If there isn't a program to help fix these cats, thats going to be ALOT of cats that are going to be roaming the streets. I was just wondering how YOU felt about that? Im sure your busy, and this is probably minor to you. But its a big issue for me, and was hoping maybe you could help with it!


Ronda  12/14/09   16:33:47 Date
Message Dear Mr. Geary,

My name is Ronda and I'm a registered voter in Nebraska.

I recently became aware of your campaign for Nebraska Governor. I have read your Platform / Issues. You inspired me. You support the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

I was motivated to find out more about your position on issues so I went to your website. While I found most of your positions to be in line with a true patriot.

Since you were a U.S. Marine Corps. I would assume that sometime during your service, you may have recognized the hypocrisy of the leader of the free world imposing itself on so many other countries. I also assume that a man of your intelligence and independent thinking would recognize that American wars are mostly about profit for the military industrial complex. It's a legitimate way to rob a country blind from the inside, in the name of freedom and patriotism.

My other issue is global warming. Climate-gate Science depends on good quality of data. It also relies on replication and sharing data. But the last couple of weeks have uncovered some shocking revelations.

Computers have obtained 160 megabytes of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England. These e-mails, which have now been confirmed as real, involved many researchers across the globe with ideologically similar advocates around the world.

They were brazenly discussing the destruction and hiding of data that did not support global warming claims. The academics also worked closely with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Copenhagen is not an option, we do not need a New world government.

But I'm not writing to be a hypocrite.

I'm writing to see if there is a possibility that you might realize that left right politics is dying fast.

Why would I matter to you?

Americans are waking up and realize that in order to clean house in D.C. they have to organize nationally to root out corrupt representatives and work nationally across state lines to support new representatives who will obey the Constitution.

Therefore, we need to make sure the right person is sitting in the Governors seat, to back us on these corrupt persons in DC.

That's why I'm attempting to connect with you. 2010 is going to be an election year like 1776, from Governors’ to representatives to Senators.

There is a growing number of true patriots who are going to throw off the shackles of big, unresponsive, criminal government.

Sincerely, Ronda

Crystal L.  11/28/09   16:08:40 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

Your poems are wonderful and it shows people that you have passion. You'll be a great governor!!!!!

Casey Cox  11/27/09   10:50:17 Date
Message Christopher,

Your poetry is exactly what made me decide that you were not just a politician, but a politician with open enough eyes and global ideas followed with achievable actions that you were worthy of the position you are seeking. What better way to support the people then to have someone in office who supports the world of people and is not afraid to say it!

There will always be nay-sayers, but you have already dared to be you and that has already set you above the standards of a normal politician which will get you a strong following with your constituents.

Just keep being true to you!


Hillery  11/23/09   21:56:22 Date
Message Christopher,

Thank you for sharing your poetry with all of us on Facebook!

Personally I believe that our Statesmen and Politicians should continue to be the "real-typical-everyday American" people who they are!! If you write poetry and want to share it with your friends, followers, voters, fellow Americans then DO IT!!! It is a part of you and I think it is wonderful to have a man running for an office who shares a part of themselves with us that does not involve or pertain to his/her political beliefs!

My vote is for YOU and I hope that WHEN Smile you are in office you will not discontinue this love and art that you graciously have shared with us!!

Hillery H.
Nebraskan Republican (Just your average Joe)

Danny M.  11/09/09   18:07:50 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

As a Nebraskan, seeking to represent the people of Nebraska as governor, I would imagine the voices you want to hear most are the voices of your constituents, the men, and women of Nebraska, but I hope you'll give special dispensation, to a Washingtonian, and allow me to give my two cents.

I feel in a lot of ways there is a connection between states such as Nebraska, and Washington, as we are both young states, in fact neither of us were full states, when this country of ours fought it's civil war, instead we were territories, or perhaps not even that, for if a man were honest, he'd say, before the war, we were wilderness, except for a few folk, scattered about the place.

Nebraska, so I've heard, was so remote, and alien, so lacking in trees, and materials, that when the first settlers arrived, they were reduced to building their homes from sods, and some may see that as a story of poverty, and a tale to raise an eyebrow, but I see it as a story of riches, the richness of man, and his spirit.

Both our states were built by true pioneers, men who could look at the dirt, and see a home, who could look beyond the confines of the east, and see the freedom, and liberty of the west.

Our states were built by dreamers, but not ordinary dreamers, our states were built by dreamers with a plan, and the backbone to see that plan through. They were built by hard working, and dedicated folk, and it is to those folk that you must turn your ear today.

You do not want big government, Nebraska is not a state for big government, it's a state for freedom, and liberty, it's a state built of the soil, that appreciates the blood, the sweat, and the tears, poured into the land, by it's farmers, it's ranchers, and it's agriculturalists.

It is a state that is conservative, that seeks to protect, and preserve the values, and ideals, that it's founders lay down for it, but it is also a youthful state, a revolutionary state, one that keeps an eye to the future, and that is always willing to look at new ideas, and innovations, providing they do not threaten the fabric of the state.

Nebraska is a hard state, a tough state, but it's a state with a heart, and one that cares for it's citizens.

You ask what direction people would like to see Nebraska moving in, well it's not my place, as a Washingtonian, to say, but if asked the same question about my own state, then I'd answer I want to see small government, a solid agricultural policy, an innovative program, looking to attract new industries, and a hands off approach to vital services, such as healthcare.

When it came to education, I'd want to see thoughtful guidance, not heavy handed indoctrination, and I'd want to see support for the elderly, and the environment, but most of all I'd just want to see honesty, and transparency, and a commitment to serve the people of the state, above all others, because I believe that's what most folk really want.

I believe that most, hard working folk will always support a man if he's honest, trustworthy, and they know he's truly in their corner.

Most folk will never ask for much more than that.

Good luck with your campaign.


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