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Christian Killingsworth  08/12/06   19:52:39 Date
Message Aloha,

My name is Christian Killingsworth and I am one of the last three black belts promoted by Professor David Nu'uhiwa. I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you (Mahalo Nui Loa) for your including him on your web site.

It seems that there are some people on the east coast claiming and distorting the title and art of the Kaito Gakko (the best of the east and west or school of schools). I was so warmed to find that your bio of him on your web site is right on the money. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him and his teaching.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Christian Killingsworth
Huntington Beach, California
2nd Dan Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu
1st Dan Kamehalua Kalimalama Ku

P.S. If you are ever back in Southern California you are welcome in our school.

Master Frank Shekosky  08/07/06   15:42:53 Date
Message Great site Professor Geary!!
Very best wishes in all you do!

Frank Shekosky
Middletown Connecticut

Michael  07/26/06   00:26:25 Date
Message I was surprised to come across your poetry page as I write romantic poems and have also found an affinity to Chagall's beautiful images which I have used,to print cards with my poems and send them to the one I adored. I like your writing and I also am not a formal writer and simply write from the heart.

Structure has no place in truth and sincerity.

Jack Hoban  07/19/06   15:33:45 Date
Message Very nice site! Best Regards and Semper Fidelis,

Jack Hoban
New Jersey

Grandmaster Keith Nesbitt Sr.  07/14/06   19:34:31 Date
Message Dear Professor Geary,

I just wanted to say congratulations on your Tenth Dan. Keep reaching for the stars because heaven is right behind them.

God Bless

Professor Frank R. Ricardo  07/13/06   13:27:33 Date
Message Aloha,

Just read your Chapter 18. Wishing you the best of all things...

In the Spirit of Aloha,
Prof. Frank R. Ricardo

Danny Shanahan  06/29/06   21:38:11 Date
Message I just want to thank you for starting all this, and keeping on pushing forward. Without you, I would never have joined the martial arts community, and I wouldn't have grown in the ways that I have. Thank you again, and good luck to you in the future years to come.

Russ Dunham  06/29/06   20:44:25 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Congratulations on your 12 year anniversary! It is an honor to learn from you, and be a member of your dojo. Here's to many more anniversary's to come!

Amber  06/17/06   20:13:07 Date
Message Christopher,

I've looked at this site and I'm surprised! Your pics look marvelous and your autobiography is so inspiring to me. You have great leadership. You could influence a lot of lost young souls who need guidance. How do you do it? I have good judgment on true men, and you're one for sure. God gave you a gift. On top of your charming looks and personality you take my breath away. I know I'm woman enough for you and not like all the dumb girls out there who use guys. You've probably heard this before, but I'll give you one chance--don't miss out.

P.S. Who are you talking about in your poetry? I think your own power will give you peace, not some woman. Are you married? What are you talking about? Stop it, and go into detail about that conspicuous lady. Is she good, is she evil, does she lead you on, do you desire this lady, or is it a made-up dream girl in your own imagination?????

Nate Burkman  06/16/06   19:36:58 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Having just read the final chapter of your autobiography, I just wanted to let you know how powerful your message is. I feel incredibly honored to train in one of your schools, and it has without a doubt shaped me into the person I am today; a much better person for having had the experiences martial arts training has provided me with. I am still at a point in my life where there are many doors open to me, and I can still make the decisions that will affect what I do with my life. For a long time I've debated in my head what I want to do, and it often comes down to a path that I see leading to monetary successfulness and a path that will lead to a higher degree of personal fulfillment. Your words in the final chapter of your autobiography have filled me with a courage that I've longed for but haven't found until now, and that is the courage to do what I know is the right choice for me instead of what is the right choice in other people's eyes.

Thank you for being committed to excellence and inspiring your students to do the same.

-Nate Burkman

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