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Cory Millhollin  02/20/07   20:33:00 Date
Message Professor,

Very good job on chapter 2. Very interesting and enlightening.

Cory Millhollin

Lorelei M.  02/19/07   00:00:28 Date
Message Christopher,

I really liked your poems. I couldn't help but wonder when I read through them who the lucky girl was/is? Did she ever know she captured your heart? You are an amazing writer. And I truly look forward to reading more of your writings in the futureExclamation

After reading chapter two in your book “Inner Peace through Self Awareness", this is what I really believe. "There are many out there that live a lie. Let them live it and move on. There is nothing I can do, and there is nothing you can do. They are corrupted by greed and envy, and they are lost in their own desire for self-gratification. Let them live their lie. One day they will wake up and find that their skin just isn’t perfect anymore, their beauty is fading, and they will fade into the night just as they walked through life."

Those words could be my motto. For I believe that true beauty is found in the heart. If our souls are right. And our hearts follow a path of beauty, grace and forgiveness then we will better see the needs of others and live out of love not hate and envy and greed. Relationships are a hard thing. But If we cannot love ourselves and respect our own bodies and hearts it will be impossible to do any good...

God Bless,

Albena  02/18/07   17:18:59 Date
Message Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book “Inner Peace through Self Awareness.” I loved it from the first sentence. I have been interested in these topics since I was 15, and this is the first time in my life that I have been in complete agreement with someone’s opinion. It was really inspiring for me to read.

Your words reminded me of something I went through recently. I am recovering from a bad experience dealing with people who want to take everything but never want to give, and who enjoy gossiping about people behind their backs.

I tried a little “experiment” to test some of my so-called “friends.” I was a member of an online community, and next to the board there was a chat room as well. One evening I went into that chat room under another name so no one would know it was me. I was shocked to find that some of my “friends” were talking about me behind my back. The stuff they talked about was not pleasant at all. I was shocked because I had never done anything to those people and they were just stabbing me in the back. When I was in the chat room with my real identity they pretended they were my friends. So I just took a transcript of that chat and left that place. I showed it to some real friends on that board, and they were as shocked as I had been to find that someone could be so mean. It made me wish that I would have paid much more attention before all that happened. I overlooked the little signs I had received from that community that they did not want me there anymore. Of course none of it was direct. It started with that “ignoring” style some people have, and then it took a U-turn. I was “kicked out” out of the community because I couldn’t be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I always thought that feeling down was a normal part of life, but for those people anything negative was bad. I think that sometimes negative things are just signs that it is time to leave or that the things we are doing are not healthy for us, physically or mentally.

I do not think I know everything. Usually when I say something I have proof to support my opinions. And sometimes the proof makes people mad as well. It makes me wonder: when did being honest become a “disease”?

I love your statements about work and self-discipline. I can’t really quote everything I like there because I would have to copy and paste the whole thing. It’s really amazing. I don’t have enough words to explain how glad I am that I checked your site because of your bulletin. Thank you for sharing!

I wish I could find people like you in my country and wish there were more people like you. Maybe they are just too difficult to find.

I read the second chapter of your book with the same great interest, because it touched more of the topics I’m interested in. For example, I care about leading a healthy life (even though I’m not the best example of it, sitting all day long in front of my computer).

The dairy products theme is right on target. I know that some specialists and doctors say that milk products are good for your health, but that is not really true. There is a long list of diseases associated with dairy products, and recent studies say they are some of the main causes of osteoporosis(!). I know it sounds weird, but biochemically too much calcium is as bad as none at all. It takes away the bones’ flexibility and makes them too hard, which leads to a higher risk of fracture. Other problems include lactose intolerance and the amount of hormones (natural and not) and antibiotics found in milk. It makes me wonder how it could be healthy at all. And I’m sure the doctors and other specialists know this as well.

And about relationships: from personal experience I know that sometimes it is better to let a partner go out of one’s life. It’s good for both people, even though in the beginning it never seems that way and is much too painful.

I could write a whole essay about your book, but I do not want to bore anyone.

If I could say it all with just a few words, it’s really awesome writing!!!!!
Thank you for sharing!

Best regards,

Kimber  02/17/07   14:41:06 Date
Message I enjoyed this first chapter tremendously. It was very enlightening. There are quite a few aspects from your chapter that I feel I can apply to some areas of my life. I look forward to reading your next chapter. Till then, may we all learn how to find inner peace.

Grove City, Ohio

Gena Benson  02/15/07   22:31:20 Date
Message Professor Geary,

The boys really enjoy coming to Karate and we enjoy how much energy they use there!! Thanks for spending the time that you do with the kids.

John and Gena Benson

Pamela  02/13/07   01:03:42 Date
Message I read your poem "Lascivious".

My my my....I'm speechless.....For the first time in like 41 years!

How is it that you remain still single?
Too much need for consumption maybe??


Jen  02/11/07   21:21:23 Date
Message Christopher,

I just finished reading your first chapter, "Inner Peace through Self-Awareness". You truly are inspiring. I can apply much of what you had written to my daily life. For the past 5 1/2 yrs, I have been managing one of my fathers restaurants. The restaurant was my mother's dream. Two weeks before opening, she unexpectedly passed away. To help my father out, the family got together and decided to open the restaurant in memory of our mother and to help my father, so that he wouldn't have to sell. The business has been growing every year....but, I find myself unhappy, knowing that this is not what I wanted to do with my life.

I have no self discipline whatsoever. I am like the one that you wrote about....hitting the snooze button, and running late for work (maybe not quite as bad), but I feel like I am always running behind in everything that I do. There is so much more that I can do to help build his business up. Not only do I manage, but I do all of the home cooking. Today, I took a step in the right direction. I hired another cook to take my spot in the kitchen, so that I can have time to do the things that I have fallen behind advertising and creating new menus. Reading your chapter has made me a little more self aware of myself and my actions. I look forward to reading more as you finish.

Loving your poetry, too. Very passionate...again, LOVE IT!!!


Dennise  02/08/07   22:16:51 Date
Message Saludos Christopher,

Hope you are doing well. This year I planning to do some new things for my son and my self. Last week for the first I went to Yoga class...It was an incredible experience. My son is doing some lessons at home with me also. Looking at your web page was an inspiration for both. Now he wants to start with some Karate classes too. I have been looking at all the information that you have in your space and I have to say and very impressed with what you have acomplished in life. Im sure your family and friends are extremly proud at you....I am! Take care and keep on the good work!!!

Your friend Dennise~

Rhonda Crombie  02/07/07   17:50:58 Date
Message I agree with the other prof about form on your poetry page. Rarely do poets today even try those tired formats. Let your verses flow.

To me, imagery is of top importance in poetry. I loved the image of a vampire in "Lascivious." The lines "Like a vampire, I live only to taste you" and "I shall breathe into you with my warm wet kisses to feed your beating heart" are haunting!! It is my favorite of your poems....

In reference to your first chapter, "Inner Peace through Self-Awareness".

“It’s true that some people start out in life with more advantages than others, but we still have the power to decide how we will play the cards that life has dealt to us. Maybe you don’t come from a rich family, but you have intelligence, good health, and a drive to succeed. The first thing to do is look inside yourself and find your passion.”

This idea struck me because in the fourteen years that I have taught college, I have repeatedly told my students this EXACT same thing.

I work with students who do not have the best educational backgrounds, some barely finishing high school and some actually having to take an equivalency exam to complete their education. Other students I teach are non-traditional and are starting higher education after years of being a parent or struggling through a frustrating, dead-end job. They WANT to learn. They have FOUND the passion and are doing anything they can, no matter their difficult situations, to succeed. When I see this determination, I, in return, want to do anything I possibly can to help them on their way. I feel this reciprocal bond, in many ways, is what society today lacks. If we all tried to thrive rather than ‘exist’ and if we simply reached to those, not try to pull them down, who have succeeded before us, our country would be in a much better state.

--Rhonda Crombie

Karen Sheperd  01/15/07   15:14:26 Date
Message I checked out your site. Awesome! Really nice site.

Best regards,
Karen Sheperd

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