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Renata  04/17/07   12:30:27 Date
Message HI Christopher,

Your website is really fascinating. I myself struggle with discipline but am told constantly I have unlimited potential. So I found alot of your insights very fascinating thank you for sharing them.

New York, New York

Christopher Ramos  04/17/07   04:44:38 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

Well I just finished reading the first chapter and is about to start the 2nd chapter, but first I would like to comment on how insightful the 1st chapter is and that what you say in it I can completely agree with and make comparisons knowing that what I just read has everything to do with how I manage my own life and how it affects others along the way. The example that you give about how poorly you were treated by your attorney is a good example of why some or most businesses fail. I myself run a restaurant, and although it's not fine dining I can say that my employees and I treat each and every guest as if it were a fine dining restaurant no matter where they came from, because of that they keep coming back. I look forward to reading more of your chapters and while doing so learn more about myself. Thanks for the insight and a great read.

Christopher Ramos
Sacramento, California

Roberta  04/13/07   20:23:07 Date
Message This site is excellent. The photos, the poetry, all wonderful. It's fantastic that you are helping others.

Maggie A.  04/13/07   18:55:11 Date
Message I really like your your writing...and your pictures are great. I read your poems...very nice, your writing is good. Lascivious...hmmm...I really liked that one...maybe too much...LOL.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to more. All the best to you Christopher....muaaahhh!

New York

Michelle  04/11/07   21:51:08 Date
Message The site looks great! I love the writings and the pictures...I especially like the link for the reverie, reminds me of blue october's it...Winking

It looks really good,
Clearwater, Florida

Sylvia Crain  04/11/07   15:31:56 Date
Message Dear Christopher,

I really enjoyed your book. I also admire your dedication to the arts and the time you take to enrich other peoples lives, especially young children. I want to thank you for sharing this with me. Its all about who you surround yourself with, like I said I try very hard to associate with people who have a posative attitude and appreciate what life can give them. Nothing is ever accomplished in anger. Self control can accomplish more. And remember your dreams always have a meaning, don't ignore them. Thanks again for sharing your life and special thoughts.

Sylvia Crain
Memphis, Tennessee

Christina  04/11/07   07:31:39 Date
Message Even though I don't know anything about martial art I really admire Your site - especially Your poems are fantastic - Your pictures are great - Congratulations to Your site !!

Christina, Bavaria/Germany

Loraine  04/07/07   20:33:46 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

I just finished reading "Inner Peace through Self Awareness" and felt the need to comment.

As a 48 year old woman, who is just finding out what she is meant to be, a teacher, I feel like a child sometimes, I'm seeing everything in a new way, as though through a child's eyes.

Prior to my "revelation", which has been developing over the last year or so, I floated through life, with no real direction or goals. Married, had two children, worked just to make ends meet, lots of hobbies, no real passion.

I began training in Tang Soo Do at age 40, took to it immediately, eventually was tapped to teach for the school. I resented this at first, I was uncomfortable, and was feeling used. While it was presented as a stage in our training, I understand the benefit of teaching as a learning experience (I've learned more in the last 7 months, than in the last 2 years I trained) at the time, my instructor was only using me as a tool to expand his school, I was "thrown to the lions", put in charge of my own school, with minimal equipment, and virtually no assistance. Any attempts to obtain input from my instructor for help in developing a workable program were met with annoyance. "Welcome to my world", was what I heard the day I complained that I had no idea how to teach 4-year olds. (We had never had 4-year olds in our school, I got to start it off) But I'm no quitter, I hung in there and found that I loved teaching the kids. I get the biggest charge at seeing their faces light up when they "get it". Something I'm sad to say I never saw in my instructor. While a fantastic "technician", producing great students was never about their accomplishments, it was just a way to make him look good. Eventually there was a major falling out, and I was forced to leave the school. I was devastated, it had become my life, my first real passion (after my kids). I took a few months off and with the encouragement of a few friends, decided to tackle my own program. After all, as it was pointed out to me, I had already been doing most of the work there on my own, the only thing my instructor was doing was collecting the checks. So last September, One on One Fitness and Karate was born and I'm having a blast. So, while the last year was probably the hardest in my life, it was also the best, I've got no regrets.

All of that is just to preface these comments, and give you some insight as to where I'm coming from.

I can completely relate to your statements about people with their hand out, the users and takers. My former instructor was this type of person, he'd take anything you offered, but he'd never ask for anything, if he needed something, he'd demand it. This way he was never put in a position of being indebted to anyone.

My style of teaching was always criticized as too easy, "You're such a mom!", because I believed in pointing out possible problems before they happened, he'd rather let a student get hurt, and then say, "See why we don't do that?". Sorry, I'd rather not let a student go home with a fat lip or a bloody nose if I could help it. The funny thing is, I'd see him studying me, and then using the same techniques later. While I found this infuriating, it was also the best kind of reinforcement I could have gotten.

Your experience with the lawyer also provided many parallels, you gave her chance after chance to do the job right, and I gave my instructor way too many chances to treat me right, apparently neither one rose to the challenge. They both lost out as I see it.

Sorry this turned out to be such a long "comment". But I appreciate the opportunity to vent.

Wishing you continued success with everything, you are off to an impressive start, it is just a "start" isn't it?

Franklinville, New Jersey

Edith  04/07/07   18:08:30 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

Don't know much about karate but you seem like a true one of.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cristian  04/06/07   02:27:29 Date
Message Excellent website, first chapter of your new book is great. Pardon me if sometimes I write words wrong. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and Franch as well, but I write very badly (laugh).


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