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Mark Retana  07/20/08   22:32:39 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Thank you for the kind words and looking at my Long Form 6. That was me ten years ago in competition.

Your accomplishments are very impressive. If I accomplish a third of what you have within my lifetime, I will consider myself to be very successful.

It's an honor to make your acquaintance, Sir.

Full Salute,
Mark Retana
San Jose, California

Doug  07/04/08   12:51:52 Date
Message Have a very happy Independence Day!

Middletown, New Jersey

Geir  07/02/08   10:35:54 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I just wanted to send a few words to express my gratitude for being a part of Christopher N. Geary’s Shaolin Kempo Karate. Though I have only been a member for 6 months, I have seen drastic changes in stamina, control, and balance, as well an improved confidence in my abilities to defend myself – if necessary.

I respect the fact that even the smallest details are considered in the development of your program - from the quality and look of the dojo to the system itself – something that increases the overall quality of the school.

This combined with excellent instructors and dedicated students make the journey through Kempo both challenging and rewarding.

Judith Baer-Peters  06/28/08   10:32:21 Date
Message Christopher,

Your poem, "A Spring Day in Winter" is so moving and beautiful. It moved me over and over again. I'm going to print it for future inspiration.


Brett  06/20/08   10:51:39 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I am excited about starting this chapter in my life. I have studied other Martial Arts for 7 years. Do to age and a knee that couldn't take the spinning jumping and acrobats in Tae kwon Do anymore, I had begun the search for a martial art that is consistent, technics that can be used each time, and more realistic in an actual self-defense need.

I found you willing to discuss all facets of Shaolin Kampo and about yourself. I look forward to taking this next part of lifes journey.


Gladys  06/18/08   23:00:12 Date
Message Just wanted to ask you a question. Do you teach self defense as well? If so, how much is it for the classes? Just yesterday my now "ex" boyfriend actually got physical with me & that made me think that a single girl needs to learn how to defend herself in these types of situations. Would you please let me know or maybe there's a website you can show me? I will send you an email.


Rose  06/15/08   14:32:14 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I hope you're well. I love your MySpace profile, you're a very interesting man...I love your poems and wondered if I may copy some of them? I have written some poems myself, didn't think I could, they came out ok but yours are just what I love...very deep...Smile

Have a restful day,
San Jose, California

Bart Vaughan  06/08/08   17:02:15 Date
Message Happy Birthday Professor Geary!

Wishing you a Great Day,
Banning, California

Clément  06/08/08   11:37:52 Date
Message Bonjour Christoph.. ,

Ce petit mot depuis la tournée que je fais présentement en Europe pour te souhaiter un heureux anniversaire : je t'envoie du soleil, et quelques-uns des sourires que j'ai puisés aujourd'hui dans les regards des gens qui m'entourent.
Je boirai un jus de mangue à ta santé aujourd'hui,
Prends soin de toi,
A bientôt,


Cordial Hermann  06/06/08   16:24:59 Date
Message Dear Christopher,

Best Wishes from the hot and wet Thailand.

Hoping that you are well. All the best for your Birthday, forever young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cordial Hermann
From the border to Laos

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