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Soke Rick Greene  06/05/07   14:47:00 Date
Message Greetings Soke Geary,

I hope all is well! Just a note, I read youíre Online Autobiography. I enjoyed reading over the pages. With your history and Titles & Awards and all the great masters you have come in contact with over the years. I have known many instructors over the years but they were money minded with little regard for their students. It is a pleasure to "read" hear about someone that cares about the students and the martial arts. I hope to meet you in the future.

All my respect,
Soke Rick Greene
Director, Bushi-Kai International

Gabriella  05/30/07   17:02:51 Date
Message Dear Christopher,

I hope that you are well, I had the chance to read some of your poetry today. I found it quite moving how you combine a mixture of such pure love & soul-deep pain into each poem.

Such traits are rarely seen in modern men.

I have the felling that you hold the world at arms length, whilst trying to fix so many of it's problems.

Gabriella. xx
United Kingdom

Elizabeth  05/30/07   12:26:28 Date
Message Christopher,

I have been compelled to read your poetry. Its been stuck in my head most of this day. Call it curiosity or what ever you want but I have found it to be wonderful.

I canít get you off my mind. How odd for me. I donít know you other then to read about you and yet I am completely drawn to you. Would you please tell me where the button is that shuts this off?

Your poem, "Evergreen," is quite possibly the most beautiful show of emotion I have ever read. And I tip my hat, you're a very interesting person.

I wonder, though, do you always speak how you feel through poetry? It's a beautiful language and one not often used.

I have to say you're very, very intriguing. A sort of brain candy, and I'm hooked.

San Diego, California

Kymberley  05/29/07   22:06:57 Date
Message I currently study Shaolin Chuan Fa under Sensei Preston Ducati and Sensei Bryan Buckhorn in Redmond, WA. Both are good hearted, driven, giving gentlemen with unrivaled passion for their art.

Formerly studied Okinawan Shuri Ru under Hanshi Robert Bowles. I still study on my own, as he is based in the Midwest and talk to him every so often. He has offered to send me instructionals so that I might practice a bit more then attend yearly seminar. It will be nice to visit with him again next year in Fort Wayne.

I will be honest, I just read. Your site is very pretty and very exciting to the eye, but what people care to put out about themselves is what I look for. You are very dedicated and skilled. It's what other martial artists strive for and what few have rarely done. Smile

I'm still a student. I'll always be one. And I have a few students of my own (I only teach part time in the evenings and work at the biggest Nerdery on the planet during the day). I am still dumb founded that someone would look to ME to train. Much less, being a woman in a primarily and traditionally male dominated art. I get to teach, they get to learn from me, and I get to learn from them.


Helena  05/29/07   11:35:56 Date
Message I very much enjoyed your...poem.., "In Every Turn". I did blush, when I was reading it..."pheew"..It was hmm...romantic..?? But very beautiful. Thank you very, very much for writing it.


Todd Lorenze  05/27/07   06:36:28 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Quite an impressive resume! Much respect to you for all your accomplishments. Training with some of the greatest names in all the martial arts must have been a real honor! I studied under Nick Cerio. I didnít like him very much, he was rude cause I studied under Villari. I donít care for the politics. I left every organization because of politics and just went on my own.

Next month I am going to China. I have not received another degree of black belt in over 11 years but my knowledge is so beyond where it was from my last test. I canít stand politics in martial arts and so I left everyone and train on my own.

Needless to say, I donít have to answer to anyone and I do what I want, but Dillmanís techniques are good but they donít win fights. Villari is a great martial artist but he is money hungry. Cerio is dead and Parker is dead, the greats are gone and I try new stuff on my own. I am faster than ever, in better shape than ever and I dont take shit from anyone. I had 250 students when I had my school and I gave it away because of politics.

I just am a plain and simple man who loves to train in the martial arts. Thatís all, nothing more, nothing less. I could not care about my 5th degree, it means nothing if you canít fight and have morals and ethics.

Anyway I have rambled on long enough. China awaits me and I will train with Shaolin Masters and expand my knowledge. Have a wonderful day at church, I can tell you are a Christian man. I am too.

Master Todd Lorenze,
5th Degree Black Belt, Shaolin Kempo Karate
Deltona, Florida

Kiah Porter  05/26/07   19:42:35 Date
Message I enjoyed your myspace site. Thanks for adding me. I've only met one other 10th dan. He is 3 generations up from me and the founder of Universal Kempo; Professor Martin T. Buel. One of his first students, and a current 8th degree, is Assistant Professor Christopher Ragone. Then under him, my instructor, Mike Petersen.

I, like you, love Kempo. I really want to open a school of my own in the future. Thats currently my only real ambition. I would like to know more about the similarities between your training material and ours. I'm sure as the generations grew in number the material has changed. (Professor Buel is from Hawaii and a student of Grand Master Kwain-Sun Chow or perhaps a generation lower. He eventually separated.)

Kiah Porter,
Floyd, Virginia

Duey  05/23/07   10:10:12 Date
Message You don't know me but I just wanted to say how jealous I am of you. I have been studying martial arts for many years and one of the few people I have wanted to meet is Jeff Speakman......he is one fast son of a gun. Well anyways I thought I would just say that. Oh I see you were or are a Marine. Cool I was in the Navy.

Herkimer, New York

Melita  05/22/07   18:16:49 Date
Message Christopher,

I am loving your poem, "In Every Turn". It is breathtaking & I am waiting in anticipation for the continuation of it........


Curtis  05/12/07   10:08:25 Date
Message WOW! You have accomplished a lot! I am very fortunate that a kempo dojo opened up in my hometown, I have always wanted to take a martial art but never had the opportunity until now. I LOVE KEMPO! I needed something better to do with my time and something that will further discipline me, I found that something.

Do you have a lot of students? I bet all of them look up to you and have their respect. I donít even know you personally but you already have my respect. How did the marines work out for you?

Pearisburg, Virginia

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