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Craig  05/10/07   00:10:25 Date
Message Love to read your writings, you have a great balance. Art of War vs. Art of Peace. Art of body vs. Art of Mind.

Fordland, Missouri

Krista  04/28/07   23:07:24 Date
Message Love your site-- looks great!! I love the poetry and artwork. My favorite pictures are Chagall's Equestrienne and Romeo & Juliet.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Smile

Selden, New York

Amy  04/28/07   22:25:20 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

I like the pictures of you on your site. Very cool -looking. I'll send you a message so we can chat. Smile Are you really all the way in Nebraska?

Maro Jensen  04/28/07   21:53:32 Date
Message Christopher. Thank you for writing "Falling Petals of Red". What a soothing piece. Made me feel kind of at peace with the world and, more importantly (read into that "selfishly"?), with myself.

You have a very enlightening site.

Nice, France

Diane  04/28/07   20:09:34 Date
Message Wow, Christopher. "Falling Petals of Red" was deep....and titilating. To share your mind, body and soul with someone like that is stuff we only read about and I certainly enjoyed reading it, several times.

Thank you,
Moreno Valley, California

Sherry  04/28/07   14:31:35 Date
Message The words were so pretty in your new poem "Falling Petals of Red", and you could feel the meaning in them. You seem like a very kind and gentle person! You could be a writer!

You should come down here! It is so pretty, I live in Pensacola, Fl. and we have the whitest beaches, in the U.S. I would like to see some of your training in black belt. You can tell by the words you write and the way you live your life, you live what you feel in side, and that is how you are to others. Gentle/kind.


Christie  04/28/07   07:48:45 Date
Message The new poem is fabulous!!!!!!!! You are amazing Smile Thanks so much for posting it!

Betty  04/28/07   06:47:19 Date
Message Hey there Christopher...enjoyed your new poem, "Falling Petals of Red" it was beautiful and very touching.

I read it over and over and over...I love it! You really do have a great way with words.

I hope that you are happy and well.

Huge hugs and kisses...Take care...Betty Smile

Renata  04/17/07   12:30:27 Date
Message HI Christopher,

Your website is really fascinating. I myself struggle with discipline but am told constantly I have unlimited potential. So I found alot of your insights very fascinating thank you for sharing them.

New York, New York

Christopher Ramos  04/17/07   04:44:38 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

Well I just finished reading the first chapter and is about to start the 2nd chapter, but first I would like to comment on how insightful the 1st chapter is and that what you say in it I can completely agree with and make comparisons knowing that what I just read has everything to do with how I manage my own life and how it affects others along the way. The example that you give about how poorly you were treated by your attorney is a good example of why some or most businesses fail. I myself run a restaurant, and although it's not fine dining I can say that my employees and I treat each and every guest as if it were a fine dining restaurant no matter where they came from, because of that they keep coming back. I look forward to reading more of your chapters and while doing so learn more about myself. Thanks for the insight and a great read.

Christopher Ramos
Sacramento, California

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