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Maggie  07/06/07   07:30:28 Date
Message Congratulations on your new Hall of Fame award...that's awesome!!! I wish more people had some sense of achieving a goal or even attempting to do something positive. Way to go Smile


Avzal  07/06/07   00:40:20 Date
Message Hey Christopher..Congratulations for your induction into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame. That is wonderful news.

May you rise from strength to strength my friend, and may the spirits of the great warriors always watch over you.

Pretoria/Cape Town, South Africa

Kimberly  07/05/07   17:44:10 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

Congratulations to you for your induction into the, "World Karate Union Hall of Fame". I wish you could teach me Smile I grew up in Pennsylvania. YOU ARE AWSOME CHRIS. Sounds like you are really enjoying your life. You are a blessing to all who know you.


Capt. Abbei Hawke  07/05/07   10:25:17 Date
Message Christopher,

Congratulations on your decision to run for state Senator in Nebraska. I'll be praying for your success in your upcoming bid.

Have a Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!! God Bless America!!!

Diane  07/04/07   20:30:16 Date
Message Christopher, this country was founded by men who had an interest in what happened to it's people and their future. You're showing your willingness to carry on that tradition by running for senator. Today is about men and women like you.

Thank you,

Alex  06/29/07   16:11:16 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I was trying to locate a Martial Arts Instructor here in The Valley, when I saw your Myspace page. I wish we had someone of your caliber here. I studied Kenpo 10 years ago in Tucson, AZ, while attending the U of A and just fell in love with the art. I'd like to send you a friend request on Myspace to keep up with your accomplishments.

Alex - purple belt only Sad
Acton, California

William McDonald  06/29/07   13:02:51 Date
Message Congratulations on your Hall of Fame induction. I am sure that your creditials speak for themselves.

We really need to get together sometime. Why don't you call me up and I can help you get a spotlight on my show.

The King of Martial Art Media ~William McDonald

T.O.A.S. Nabard  06/29/07   08:15:58 Date
Message We honor your dedication to training in the arts.

A Warrior’s path begins with free choice and personal responsibility. From then on discipline of body becomes discipline of life.


T.O.A.S. Nabard - The Persian Art of Combat
Pensacola, Florida

Delaine  06/28/07   17:02:51 Date
Message I am proud to have you as a friend on Myspace. Many of the kids at the studio where I study visit my page. I am proud that they will view your accomplishments and realize what they could strive to obtain. Please continue to send notes when you have the time I so appreciate your sharing your time with all of us.

Prayers of hope, happiness and great health,
Southeast Texas

Tori  06/24/07   13:21:22 Date
Message Christopher, I read your poem, "Pink Salt". It is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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