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Valerie Livingston  08/13/05   14:23:42 Date
Message I have had the privilege of reading the first chapters of your book in progress “Profile of a Martial Arts Master” and I have to say I am very impressed with what I have read so far.

I knew that you were dedicated, that was obvious from watching my children in class, but to read of your obvious dedication to your students, your art, and your way of life, throughout difficulties in your personal life, is inspiring and easy to understand why your students revere you so much.

Growing up in England for the first 37 years of my life gave me certain standards for myself, my way of life and the future of my children. My older children went to Karate in England, the style was similar but the instructor was lacking in the teaching of the History of Karate, the practicing of meditation and inner peace and you teach that, it is all part of your way of teaching and I have noticed a huge difference in the way my children have started to handle anger and stress. Now instead of lashing out first, they stop and breathe and think of the actions they are about to take, it doesn’t happen every time but it is happening, and I am grateful that their "Mentor" is teaching them that.

One of my Sons, Lee, went to Kim’s Tae Kwon Do School but it was money for grading, money for belts, money for competitions they had to attend because every student represented the school.

Anyone can get a basement and teach fighting that they call Karate, and charge through the nose for it, Professor Geary you on the other hand teach the whole art of Karate and I am so glad that I looked into schools and not just take the first one I found. I Have 3 children in the school, I am on my own raising them, but I don’t begrudge one penny of the tuition, all around it is money well spent. Very happy

Seth Tipton  08/13/05   00:38:01 Date
Message Professor, your steadfast dedication and willingness to succeed in the martial arts is proceeded only by your patience and knowledge. I feel privileged to be a student of your style.

Daniel Todd  08/11/05   19:47:17 Date
Message Congratulations on the title Professor. Your commitment to excellence is shown not only in your crisp yet beautiful technique, but also in everything you do as well: including this site. I will never regret the time I have spent at your school learning the discipline needed to defend myself and to succeed in life.

David Wallace  08/10/05   21:00:49 Date
Message With this new personal site, you once again demonstrate your single minded pursuit of excellence. A great site masterfully composed. I trust that it grows and becomes a testament to your journey.

Najia Wright  08/06/05   13:00:27 Date
Message Professeur Geary, je voudrais vous remercier pour l'opportunité que vous m'avez offerte d'apprendre Kempo Karaté à votre école à Omaha, Nebraska. J'apprécie beaucoup tout ce que vous faites pour vos étudiants.

Mark Lyons  08/04/05   22:19:19 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I would like to congratulate you on your new personal website. I have learned a great about you and our style from reading your essays. I've always appreciated your capacity to "tell the truth". Thank you for everything you've taught me. Good luck to you in all of your endeavors.

Your faithful student,
Mark Lyons

Sean Thomas Russavage  08/04/05   20:30:52 Date
Message Professor Geary, thank you for the Honor and Privilege to be a student and soon to be a future instructor in your Shaolin Kempo Karate Schools. It truly is a privilege to train under such a proficient master in martial arts. And it truly is an honor to have the opportunity to one day teach along side you. Thank you, and I hope be a positive addition to your Instuctor Training Program...

Shawn Steiner  08/02/05   15:03:18 Date
Message Professor Geary,

You are a unique and talented individual; you have succeeded where most would have failed and persevered when others would have quit. It is this ongoing dedication to your dream, your students and yourself that inspired me to join your organization. In the summer of 1995 when I stopped in to see your school at 30th and Harney Street to see what you had to offer. I had already seen Jeff Speakman demonstrate Kenpo in the movie "The Perfect Weapon" and was sold on the style; I just needed to know what the instructor and training environment were going to be like. Classes were only about half over when I decided I had seen enough. You where a very disciplined and fair instructor, and your students were obviously learning and progressing and the technique was impressive.

The training was all I had hoped, and I succeeded in becoming the first student to be promoted to black belt. Approximately four years later you approached me with the opportunity to open my own CNG's Shaolin Kempo Karate as the first licensee. After serious consideration and research I decided that an opportunity like this was unlikely to present itself again. You have provided me an unbelievable opportunity to be self-employed in a profession that also happens to be my passion, teaching Shaolin Kempo. You genuinely care about your students and your instructors and are the driving force behind Christopher N. Geary's Shaolin Kempo Karate. You want the best for your students and their instructors; from the immaculate facilities to the professional website, you continue to provide the best in everything for your organization. You have helped to lead me along my path of success with instruction, support and discipline. Overall you have been essential in my professional and personal growth.

Congrats on your new site, and your new title professor. I look forward to our future successes.

~ Shawn Steiner

Melvin Muhammad  07/25/05   21:20:29 Date
Message Professor,

It has been a pleasure traveling with you on your path to success. Hope I'll be able to keep-up.

I am blessed to be able to travel with a Master Exclamation

Mark S. Marrufo  07/14/05   13:45:36 Date
Message You are like a brother to me. I wish you all the best personally and professionally. Cool

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