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Clarinda Harriss  05/08/06   11:35:40 Date
Message Lively, interesting poems! And looking lovely, with the colorful illustrations. BHB is far, far overextended in terms of new books for the next 2 years, alas. But if you would ever want to get them published, you might try "Branches" or "Gloss" (latter's url is something like glosszine--keep trying if your first efforts net you porn; the one I'm talking about is a fine, fine online publication).

I suggest online publication in good magazines in order to make use of the beautiful layout you've created.

Good luck,

Clarinda Harriss
Professor of English
Towson University
English Department
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252

Faculty Adviser, GRUB STREET

Editor/Director, BrickHouse Books, Inc.

Phillip Starr  04/23/06   17:12:12 Date
Message Hello To Everyone!

Mr. Geary suggested that I might take this opportunity to promote my new book, "The Making Of A Butterfly" which was recebtly published by North Atlantic Books. It should hit the bookstore by the end of April, but is available now on

It's a collection of stories and anecdotes involving my teacher, my classmates, and me - with a lesson involved in each chapter. The ideas and concepts presented in the book are applicable to all martial arts, not just kung-fu (which is my particular discipline).

My best to everyone!


Phillip Starr

J. Walter  04/21/06   02:17:33 Date
Message I have been looking for a place to join a martial art school again, and I think your dojo has exactly what I want. I have been in karate and in Robert Bussey's Warrior International. I had a blue belt in karate and was ranked once in R.B.W.I. What rank would I have in your dojo? Oh yeah, I also wrestled in high school.

I was wondering as well if I could join your Black Belt Club. I want the black belt and the sense of accomplishment that goes with it. I can prove that I deserve it.

Just so you know, I want to learn from you and not Nick even though the teacher in Nebraska liked me and wanted me to join his dojo. He could tell how serious I was. Please teach me to be more than I am. Someday I would like to be able to teach.

Please contact me at (e-mail address removed for privacy)

Jon Dye  04/10/06   20:24:30 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your tremendous staff for all that you do. After researching many different martial arts facilities in town, I knew right where I and my two children were heading, which was straight to your door. Not only do we look forward to the actual art that we're becoming more and more a part of, but the friendly and inviting class atmosphere that you have created is a welcoming experience.

We are very excited to be a part of not only the revered and legendary shaolin arts, but the wonderful dojo experience you and your staff create!

Thank you again,
Jon, Melina, and Tommy Dye

Barbara Smith  03/30/06   07:28:51 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Recently I e-mailed you about my 12-year-old grandson who lives in Omaha. I was impressed with your site, and I inquired about placing him in your school. He is intelligent but needed a challenge. I wanted him to learn control but still not have his natural spirit crushed. Your school fit the bill.

I wanted to let you know that we decided not to have Mitchell join your classes, but only because I have decided to have him come and live with me in Minnesota. If he had stayed in Omaha, I would have enrolled him in your school. Thank you for your quick responses.

By the way, I read your bio...and I want to thank you for your Service to the United States. It is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me. And the very best to you and your school.

Thank you,
Barbara Smith

Harry D. Weist  03/29/06   00:59:09 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Iíve only been at the school for a couple of months now but I love this stuff. While at home I can't stop my self from practicing, and training. I look forward to every class session that I go to. This is truly what Iíve been looking to do for quite sometime. Before I enrolled, I worked out for the sake of working out, now I utilize it as part of my training. I respect your teaching styles and approachability even as a 7th degree black belt. I am also pleased at your teachings of kiai when attacking.

I've learned from research that the word kiai is made up of the ideogram "ki," which means energy or spirit, and the ideogram "ai," which means matching or unite. Many Far Eastern people believe a force flows through all things. This force is called ki in Japanese and chi (or qi) in Chinese. Therefore, kiai means, "working with ki" or "harmonizing ki" or "uniting the spirit." E.J. Harrison, in his book The Fighting Spirit of Japan, describes it as the "art of perfectly concentrating all one's energy, physical and mental, upon a given object with unremitting determination so that one achieves one's goal."

That is what I strive for Professor and with your help I hope to be able to attain it, thank you.

Harry D. Weist, SrA, USAF

Jillian Wormington  03/21/06   12:19:18 Date
Message Professor Geary,

When I signed up to take classes, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up. There were no other females in the class, and I had never done anything self-defense-y before, so I was afraid I'd hold back all the men in the class. If I did, I didn't notice, because everyone was so welcoming and helpful. That's what is so perfect about how your classes are set up- everyone can learn at their own pace without dragging others down.

Over the course of the months I've been your student, I've developed a great respect for how you run your school. It's obvious that you care about making the school, the classes, your websites, and your students the best they possibly can be. For that, I thank you.


Joshua Hardy  03/17/06   09:49:24 Date
Message Professor,

I enjoyed reading Chapter 15 of your autobiography. I am impressed that the person who promoted Professor Cerio is giving you an honorary seventh-degree black belt. Another grandmaster is saying that you are the real deal and that you know your stuff. That should quiet down a few of your critics, if not all of them. Itís good that our school can add a mentor of Professor Cerio into its lineage.

I believe that you are paving the way for future martial artists. Hanshi Angel stated that in the old days white men would not be promoted past second-degree black belt. Hanshi Angel himself wore the rank of fourth dan for 20 years. There has been a belief that only older people could be promoted to the higher dan ranks. Hanshi Angel does not feel this way, and evidently Dr. Thomas H. Burdine/Soke does not feel this way. This change of thinking is a great milestone in the martial arts community. With your success in the martial arts, the next generation of martial artists will have someone to look to for guidance on how to gain the knowledge, wisdom, and experience to earn these ranks.

I first went to Shihan Steinerís school back in May of 2005. I had never taken a kempo class before. I took tae kwon do when I was a kid and aikido when I was a teenager. I was expecting to see a school who trained for tournaments. I was impressed within the first few minutes of watching class. I tried the class out and discussed the signing up procedures with Shihan. I told him that it would be a couple of months before I could sign up due to finances. He told me that it wouldnít be a problem because heíd give me the first month for free. I had to take a break from class when I deployed (Iím in the Air Force) to the Middle East. I returned in November and continued my training. Iíve been stationed at Offutt AFB for about five years now and I wish that I would have found this school back then. I have enjoyed learning from Shihan. He is a great martial artist with a wealth of knowledge. He is proof that you have a great system and you are a great teacher.

Joshua Hardy

Sarah Igel  02/16/06   17:18:36 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I was just on your website looking for the phone number to call and let you now that Kortni will not be in class tonight at 6:30. I found myself sitting for half an hour reading through some of your information. What an impressive website, program, professional and personal background that you have. Just wanted to let you know.

I'm glad that my daughter is fortunate enough to be learning from a person who is so personally dedicated to his beliefs and is committed and cares enough to pass along those values to such impressionalbe young children.

Thank you,

Sarah Igel

Kerri Alvarez  02/03/06   15:27:46 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I was recently on your website where I read and re-read your poetry. I really enjoyed your earlier poems, but your most recent ones really show how you have grown with your poetry. The poems are raw and full of emotion. They are introspective, and really make you think. It's neat how a poem can take you back to a place or moment you haven't thought about in a long time, or to a "place" you want to visit in the future. Keep writing your poems. You have a gift, and it's motivational to other amateur writers to see what you have accomplished. I look forward to reading your future work.


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