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Laraine Gruber-Harris  09/03/11   18:28:00 Date
Message Very have much talent as a poet. The insight into what you are writing is good as well as the visual that you bring out for your readers. It is actually nice to see a former Marine have such a talent. I will have to share them with my father who is also a former Marine.

Norma  09/03/11   18:19:53 Date
Message Chris. Thank you for writing beautiful poetry, it's Amazing how you can speak right to my hart !!!!!!( Bless you ):>)

Norma Pruitt
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Ryne  01/03/11   21:33:55 Date
Message I don't know anything about you yet but I do agree with what you say about being non-partisan and serving the citizens rather than a political party's interest. I'll keep an eye out for your views, standpoints, and strategies for fixing the issues Nebraska has.

Ryne H.

Leah Zveglich  12/26/10   08:23:17 Date
Message Dear Prof. Geary:

I accidentally found your website while I was googling Chagall's paintings. Chagall is one of my favorite painters, top on the list. Your poems indeed go well with his paintings.

I read all of poems in one sitting and checked out everything on your website. Maybe it is the stage of my life, or maybe it is the season, I don't know. Somehow, many of your poems speak my heart. Had I had poetic talent like you do, I would have expressed exactly the way you did, except you say it with a man's voice while I would with a woman's voice.

I am afraid I have to quote your poems to express how I feel about my new beginning of life and new found love. Thank you for sharing such lovely poems. Inspired by you, I started writing my own.


Leah Zveglich from Singapore

Tanner Lamer  12/15/10   18:41:09 Date
Message I enjoy going to your class, and I'm learning a lot.

Felicia  07/30/10   20:22:45 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

I read your book and the section about attorney Angela Burmeister. I also had a lot of problems with her and I spent a lot of money with NO results. In my case, I did most of the work and at the hearing we lost because we were not prepared.

I sent documents to her that were requested, she never reviewed them did research or anything, thus we lost our case because they said we were very unprepared.

She told me that she had experience with the public service commission. When we got to the hearing, it was a total embarrassment. I have thought about suing her for my lost money.

Felicia F.

Mr. Field Club  07/27/10   18:17:01 Date
Message rachel shoemaker, miss woods, dont smell the lid.

Melissa  06/22/10   22:52:53 Date
Message Good to talk to you , I enjoy your writing ...

Sandra  06/21/10   06:49:21 Date
Message Good Morning Christopher,

Your poem, "The Wind Inside" is beautiful. It's easy to visulise the people you're talking about. I can empathise with the poem too from past experiences, very touching. Thank you for posting such a wonderful piece on your web site.

Sandra Geary
Reading, England

Melissa  06/14/10   13:41:33 Date
Message You write great poetry. Keep up the good work.=]

Lincoln Nebraska

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