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Rayvn  08/30/07   23:00:05 Date
Message Your words portray Suzanne's life and determination... with eloquence.
You are definitely a poet my friend.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Samantha  08/30/07   11:54:50 Date
Message I think your poetry is very strong and i love reading it, thankyou so much.

best wishes
Sam xxx

Sylvia  08/28/07   12:16:07 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I think your new poem 'Black' is beautiful. I think that it's about two people afar who in their mind they are wondering what it would feel like to caress one another. Feeling and smelling the scent, then in all reality it can't be and he wonders how a women can subdue his thoughts so deeply.

Rocky and Kimberly Ognissanti  08/27/07   21:00:20 Date
Message It has been a pleasure attending your Karate classes. Since we have joined your school we feel like we have gained a lot of knowledge, confidence and self decipline. We really enjoy your teaching and look forward to attend every class that we can.

Barbara  08/26/07   23:23:09 Date
Message Christopher,

I was just reading your new poem, ĎSuzanneí. Iím not into poems but I really like it. To me it seems that she was betrayed, and to keep her mind off thinking, she kept herself busy. I think that being betrayed made her strong. Now she will have to learn how to forgive and forget. Thatís the way I see it.

Hartford, Connecticut

Paula  08/23/07   02:34:35 Date
Message Christopher,

I read your poem 'Suzanne'. Itís really interesting how u describe her emotions. The way she reminisces about her past.

Itís a great poem. Itís real nice youíre into poetry, I don't know much about poetry. I'm also sorry I didn't see your other poems until now.

Thank You..

Lisa  08/22/07   20:42:39 Date
Message seems as though "suzanne" has been betrayed, and hides her pain within her artwork, as it can be an outlet for emotion much like martial arts. and i believe that is very important in finding a life balance, but at some point that pain must be confronted and released in order to find and maintain a true balance...

i think poetry should stimulate though on a deeper philosophical level, wonderful work!


Sirkka  08/22/07   14:10:03 Date
Message Hello Christopher! I was reading your poem 'Suzanne' and it was so beautiful like a dreamy fairytale! You are very talented writer.

Have a nice Wednesday!

Sirkka from Finland

Patrice Papazides  08/22/07   08:34:51 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

I will say.. your writings are truly inspirational, very deep & written in such a way, that it touches home.

Your new poem Suzanne, the way I read it, she is a woman that has been through some experiences in life that she has never allowed her to give up on herself & who she is.

She is a woman of strength & determination. she has memories of her youth, both good & not so pleasant, but throughout it all, she has allowed herself the strength to carry on.

She is a beautiful woman as well.

Wow! Keep posting your poems Chris, they are always interesting to read.

You are a talented writer.

Have a wonderful week!

Syracuse, New York

Betina  08/21/07   16:36:21 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I just read your poem 'Suzanne'. When I was reading it, it was like being at home inside myself! Thinking of being young again in my home state of Louisiana and seeing myself picking black berries, swimming in the lakes and fishing in the rivers was a great past time for me. But looking at its current condition makes me so sad to see the people suffer in such ways.

Thatís why I love reading the beautiful things that you write. It is like a breath a fresh air and I just wanted to keep reading. It was so moving. Just beautiful words!


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