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Scott  04/20/08   21:20:12 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

I think your campaign website is very well put together and lets the voter know your position on several key sticky points. I will be voting for you in the election because I know that you are a man with convictions and honor. I do wish you well in this election.

Scott N.

Jason  04/14/08   22:49:07 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

I have looked over your campaign website. The fact that you are point-blank about your positions on issues that concern the constituents in our district seems to be quite a radical (and good) change from how many politicians approach things. Anyone who reads your information won't have to wonder where you stand on issues, which can make the decisions easier.

Good luck with the campaigning!

Jason K.

Heber Carrillo  04/06/08   06:17:11 Date
Message Professor Christopher N. Geary,

Sir, My Name is Bear Carrillo in California I was looking at your website it seams that we have some of the same tec. I am wondering what is your tree in kempo mine is Professor Cerio. I own a school in Brentwood California can you please email me back.

Thank you,
Heber - Bear Carrillo

Jeffrey Webb  03/31/08   05:58:10 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

I just read your MySpace page and then checked out your campaign website and learned a great deal about your political aspirations.

I think that you would be a fine Senator and hope that you get elected.

You are straightforward and that is good. You want to help and that is good as well. That is how politicians should be, but when they want to stay in office they probably feel they have to waffle about to stay afloat.

Looks like you just want to help and get stuff accomplished. That is how it should be.

I am in Waverly, Iowa so I do not have the ability to vote for you.

However, I hope your election goes well.

Jeffrey Webb

James  03/25/08   05:15:53 Date
Message Maybe you can do a little video segment where you share some martial arts philosophy. I think that would be great. Bruce Lee began to share how martial arts philosophy can help people live better lives toward the end of his life...and man, he shared some jewels. So, even though a guy like me is not into martial arts (with the exception of Kung Fu Theatre), I can benefit.


John  03/23/08   12:17:39 Date
Message Semper Fi...Chris,

I thought I wasn't in your district..
I am in Bellevue, zip. 68157....

My Wife and I are VERY Conservitive Independents..
We HATE!! Abortion---
We LOVE the 2nd ammendment---
We are opposed to open Gay agenda, Marriage, civil unions---
We Belive ENGLISH should be the official language of this Country.---
We want our borders protected from anyone coming here illigally---
We Belive Enployers who hire illigals should be punished severly--
We Belive we must finnish what was started in this war on terrorism..
We belive no employment here they will leave---
We belive No social benifits for illigals---
We belive in a Very strong Military (Semper Fi) that's what keeps not only us but the free world free---
We belive in lower taxes--- Less than 2mil people in Nebraska, less than 300,000 in the schools yet look at the st. budget..It's rediculas and NOW they want higher fuel tax..Unblivable..

Chris, I could go on and on about this..
We Vote our convictions and beliefs..
Sad to say in this upcoming Nat'l election the choices we have..
We cannot vote for any of them..
We feel as Patriotic as any.. I joined USMC in 60 - we Vote every election local-St-Fed.---The Flag fly in front of my home 365...
And we Pray God will not remove His protective hand from Our Nation...
W0W!!! Guess I gave ya an Earful Chris, But now ya know where I stand--

Thanx fer listening..

Scott  03/22/08   16:12:04 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I decided not to do that Jeff Speakman system in Cameron, Missouri that is around 100 miles from where I live. I was told that they cause trouble among other groups and I don�t want any part of that. I would like to do your kempo system instead. I am moving in April so ill order your dvd�s in May and get started if that�s ok. About how much room do I need to train? Is your system easy to learn?

Let me know thanks,
Scott Montgomery
Green City, Missouri

Master Lockhart  03/21/08   04:08:29 Date

Keep up the great work,
Master Lockhart
San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Samuel-Joseph Lone Wolf  03/20/08   17:51:45 Date
Message Hanshi Geary,

I have been in the Hawaii Kosho Ryu Kenpo Karate & Jiu Jitsu Family for 51 years now. I also belong to the ACC/Episcopal Church. I am a priest and hold a Doctorate Degree in Ministry. My prayers will be with you on your run for the Nebraska Legislature. Be blessed.

Dr. Samuel-Joseph Lone Wolf, D. Min.

Dennis Galisa  03/19/08   12:57:24 Date
Message Professor Geary,

With all due respects, I am curious as to the Karazenpo history. I was a student of Professor Walter Godin for as long as I can remember, training under the Karazenpo banner. Our patch resembles the Karazenpo patch. But my question is why isn't there any mention of the history of Sijo Gascon and Professor Godin? We were all told that the Sijo and Professor were the founders. I even have a Kajukenbo tree that says that. Please advise, again with all respects, I mean no disrespect. I became an instructor under the Professor at the Palama Settlement up until his passing. I am now in my sixties and still train.

With much aloha and mahalo for your patience...with respect,
Dennis Galisa

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